Free Expo at the Eiffel Tower – Celebrating its 130th Anniversary

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One of the most iconic towers is about to celebrate its 130th anniversary! From September 30th until November 30th of this year, the Eiffel Tower will be celebrating this monumental birthday with a free and interactive exhibit that will immerse you in a space to feel as if you have traveled back in time to the 1889 World’s Fair. Now who wouldn’t want to experience that? We’re in!

If you’ve ever been curious to learn more about the Iron Lady, this will be a great opportunity to do so underneath the beauty herself. A 300 square meter dome will be erected on the Eiffel Tower parvis to include all sorts of informative and fun displays for how the magnificent structure was initially built.

The exhibit will include a variety of activities, making it the perfect place to bring the whole family. With screens strategically placed on the ground, you will be able to imitate walking on the sky-high beams of the Eiffel Tower as it is being built. For a phenomenal look into the history and construction of this epic tower, be sure to visit the spectacular exhibit before it ends.

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