Facebook is tracking and logging everywhere you visit – here is how you delete and stop the tracking

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Privacy is a hot topic at the moment and I’m sure many readers would prefer to keep a certain element of their information to themselves. Just as Google is tracking your movements through Google Timeline, Facebook is doing the same through their Location History tracking

Location history is a setting that allows Facebook to build a history of precise locations received through location services on your device. When location history is on, Facebook will periodically add your current precise location to your location history, even if you leave the app.

How to delete your tracked history

Accessing your personal log and deleting it is straight forward! Simple follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook History View page
  2. See how you’ve been tracked and the log file


3. click on delete all location history

4. You can take an extra step to block future tracking. To do so you will need you use your facebook app (as it isn’t accessible on desktop) by visiting your profile settings ( https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=location) and dis-activating the feature

There are genuine advantages to having your location recorded and stored by Facebook, the first that come to mind are targeted advertising or wifi spot detection etc. For me however, I cannot find a reason to have this information stored by Facebook. I have however kept my Google Time line active as I’ve found it very useful for tracking the distances traveled throughout the month as I submit fuel expenses.

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