Facebook Group ‘English-Speaking Mums/Moms living in Paris’ is about to expand (again)!

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If you’re a mother and active on Facebook the chances are high you already know about English-Speaking Mums/Moms living in Paris (ESM). This group is one of the most referred to groups in our own community, so we thought we’d share some insight into the support network that is proving to be an integral part of so many people’s expat experience.

Following her relocation from Chile to France in 2014, Nathaleen Novoa-Hewitt, founder of Novoa Cleaning set up ESM. Her previous experience of loneliness living in a country where she couldn’t speak the language which ultimately limited her opportunities of developing friendships, wasn’t something she wanted to repeat in France. She set up the group with one simple intention; to find other mothers interested in organising playgroups.

The community has steadily grown since then and today exceeds 3,600 members with a mind boggling 58,000 comments posted every month. As popularity increased Nathaleen, along with a growing team of moderators, began to see specific areas of interest among members and decided to open subgroups, including a Buy and Sell group and a Nanny Search group . Speaking to Nathaleen today she made it very clear that ESM will continue to support and grow. “Plans are in place for new subgroups, all identified from existing needs within the community, such groups include: troubled teenagers, breastfeeding support, raising multilingual children, relocating to France and alcohol.”

The group remains a non-profit community and strives to be THE support network for mothers, women and business owners across Paris and suburbs. Winning Best Support group in Paris 2 campaigns running their support to members is extended on  Mondays and Thursdays when business posts are permitted allowing members to connect and network on a professional level in this tight knit community.

Keeping up with the original intention of the community, Nathaleen insists it’s just as important for members to meet in the real world and runs several events during the year, including the Christmas market and the Easter hunt where 100% of the proceeds are donated to a charity.

Reflecting back over recent years, Nathaleen explains “We really have created a wonderful network over the years and have reached some amazing results with our community. Don’t be alone in Paris, come and join us!”

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