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Dear Readers,
Every month we strive to publish articles and interviews to help you settle into life here in Paris. In general these cover success stories from fellow expats, family issues, health advice and even entertainment … But at the moment we are faced with a new challenge. We are a community living in a country that has experienced unthinkable atrocities and it is more important than ever to share our thoughts and reactions with each other.

  • Some of us are parents fearing for our children’s safety
  • Some of us are alone in Paris without a support network
  • Some may have only just arrived and may be thinking of leaving
  • Others may have experienced similar acts in their home countries
  • Others refuse to show fear and continue their daily lives as before

Whatever your thoughts and reactions, it’s unlikely that you are alone, and by sharing and allowing us to publish what’s on your mind, other expats will be able to relate and find comfort in your words.

Submitted thoughts and reactions will be printed in the December edition of Expatriates Magazine (Only your first name will be printed).

 “When I remember my childhood the first thing that comes to mind is not playing with my friends, riding a bicycle or having a birthday parties. I remember people dying. I remember my parents teaching me to not be afraid. Today, I have to teach my son the same. He’s one year old and instead of morning cartoons on TV we are watching people dying. Instead of playing at the park we had to stay at home. Last night I promised him he will never feel the same as I did as a seven year old. This morning he went to nursery by public transport, later we will go to local park and play. Tonight we will watch cartoons. I promised him, he will never be afraid!
Andrea, 30, Expat in Paris (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Horrible and saddening, to be sure. But historically I can’t help wondering if this terrorism is not a kind of “repayment” for the terrorism Europe wielded in the Middle East during the Crusades.
Arthur,77, Expat in Paris (America)

Paris is a city on an edge right now. But we can not continue to live in fear. Life goes on & we must try to live as normal lives as possible. We must be strong for our family & our kids. Keep positive, believing that good will always prevail.
Ryan, 40, Expat in Paris (Philippines)

I met up with a French neighbor the other day. We spoke about how different it all feels this time around, compared to the Hebdo attacks. He mentioned how he’d gone to dinner with friends and that nobody was talking about it…how weird that felt. I too feel different this time, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. As such horror is inflicted on the human spirit, do we become wounded? Numb? Resilient? My fear now is not further attacks but the subconscious emotional drivers and varying levels of consciousness from which the world will react, either making us more beautifully human or sadly devolved.
Dielle, 48, Expat in Paris (America)

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