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Why Sponsor a calendar ?

  • A calendar provides long term exposure to a targeted audience
  • A calendar gives long term value to expatriates in Paris
  • No expat wants to forget Key dates back home! Mother’s Day
  • Key telephone numbers – Not all expats know who to call in an emergency
  • With enough value, the calendar will find itself on Fridges and Desks, always within sight keeping your ad on display.
  • The calendar already has the distribution network in place
    • 6000 copies
    • 150 Corporations, Embassies, schools and public distribution points
    • No one else is giving out an expat calendar – this is it! We know our readers and communities and will deliver something that is wanted.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions – the calendar is A4 – as a magazine insert – everyone will instantly see and take it out
  • 250gm² – solid to last throughout the year
  • Double sided
    • Recto (January to June 2015)
    • Verso (July to December 2015)

Communication options

  • 2 x 3 sidebar ad units – 50x52mm
  • 4x 2 leader board units 95*29mm

Communication advice

*remember your message will be a long term communication; you should adapt it accordingly, for example:

  • Bar – Live music all year around,
  • Childcare – English Speaking babysitters available throughout the year on 01.xxxxxxxx
  • Restaurant – Authentic American Food in Paris
  • Removals – approaching that time where you’re moving? Call us

6 months presence Starting from 250€ HT

More information
Call 09 83 82 61 50

Calendar Info Pack


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