Andrew Lyons launches Cyclo-Café Paris, a unique way to dine and visit Paris

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Cyclo-Café Paris, a group activity combining gastronomy, culture and Paris for up to 16 participants has arrived! Located in the 7th arrondissement, this novel concept brings together the sights, sounds and tastes of Paris for young and old alike, aiming to move participants away from ‘visiting’ Paris towards ‘living’ Paris.

Andrew, a supply chain manager by profession, moved to Paris from Charlotte, North Carolina in 2006 and has since been helping the international community in Paris through event organization. On October 17, 2002 he established the Meetup group ‘American Expats in Paris’. Today membership stands at 4,604 with over 300 events organized, ranging from brunches, picnics, festivals…

The announcement of a new community activity comes as a logical step and it will surely build upon the community spirit he has become accustomed to creating. learn more about Cycle-Café on

Issue 18 community news
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