Are dogs allowed in the metro or RER? I remember not seeing them when I lived there, but maybe am wrong?

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Are dogs allowed in the metro or RER? I remember not seeing them when I lived there, but maybe am wrong?

I think technically they have to be carried, but we’ve often taken our pup on the metro many times. No other passenger or official has ever said anything except wanting to pat her. But the 1 hour of rush hour should probably be avoided.

Trains, TGV, RER etc, a dog is required to buy a ticket which costs half the price of a 2nd class ticket. Many people choose to only buy this onboard if asked. But it does mean you can take your dog for a trip somewhere. Geneva? Barcelona? Avignon? Lyon? Marseille?

Oh cool. Good to know I would love to ttravel here with the train, but dogs are not allowed on board unless they’re small and you can carry them in a bag

I organize a leash free dog walk in Vincennes every Sunday. The Bois there is leash free, clean and has streams and a horse riding center we grab coffee at after the walk. Check it out on

zxcellent. Is that the «Paris Dog Walking Meetup» at 11am each Sunday?

Yes it is

I moved here 3 years ago. Having a dog was never a problem although I doubt that my dog’s quality of life has improved since moving to Paris. Otherwise yes, this city is 100% Pet-friendly, absolutely.
Safe, well as safe as the next city nowadays. Beautiful city undeniably, there’s an abundance of things to do and places to visit. Yes metro stinks, I always opt for the bus, There is always an alternative.
People and jobs. Now these two could be way easier in other parts of the world… or before the euro zone crisis.

Pet friendly yes. Still beautiful architecture and fine food and wine. Dirty yes and lots of smokers polluting the already polluted air. Also Paris is very crowded and dense. Dense in the metros, on the streets.

Pet friendly yes, but for a big dog it could be stressful to live in small spaces.

Yes the strikes and also the protests that block whole areas and close some metro stops are very annoying and its almost a daily thing. I get sick of turning on the tv every day and hear all those protesting screaming people. How do people in other countries manage without striking all the time? They keep saying they are so proud they have the right to strike and I say, just because you have the right doesn’t mean you have to exercise that strike every day. I think its a real annoying part of Parisian living.

Actually size is not the thing to look at, energy levels and drive are more important. A Greyhound for example is a big dog that just wants to sit on the couch. A jack Russell is a farm dog that needs to run and to chase smells and things. A German Shepherd is not a very high energy dog that will struggle in smaller spaces. Also, given that paris is cheaper than other cities I have lived in (NY, London, Sydney), you can rent bigger places for less rent.

we have 4 German shepherds here (my roommate 3 and I have 1) and I can say they are high energy dogs. They’re good dogs and even if we dont play enough sometimes because of lot of rain or no time they dont chew up things or destroy anything. But especially my dog can play in the sun and doesnt get tired, I have to stop her and when playing now for example and in 10 mins she would love to go out again. ONly 1 time in her 4 years she was really exhausted, when a friend got a frenchie puppy and this one didnt stop playing with her. After a couple of hrs she didnt want anymore. I think every dog can live in a smaller space as long as they have their walks and their family.