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Voted Best Fashion Blogger in 2016 by expats in Paris, within just 18 months Diane Coletta’s ‘Petite in Paris’ has grown from a “let’s see how it goes” idea to the dreamy reality it is today. Diane’s blog has seen exponential growth since she relocated from Kansas USA, with Instagrammers across the globe following her as she documents life in the “shopping capital” of the world.

Standing at 4’11, you’ve aptly named your blog ‘Petite in Paris’, can you tell us how the name and concept was decided?
When I was discussing my concept blog with my best friend we brainstormed names that match my small stature and Paris. That’s when she blurted out, “How about you call it Petite in Paris?” It instantly clicked, and we both thought, yes that’s perfect! I planned to write about what I would wear in Paris, the different sizing and make recommendations for people on how to style their clothes. It fitted together perfectly.

Diane Coletta Petite in Paris 3
Photo by Aaron Marz

What do you enjoy about ‘Petite in Paris’?
I always loved shopping, mixing and matching outfits; this provides a creative outlet and a means of sharing with others who have similar interests. One thing that most people don’t realize is there is a large community that surrounds itself around blogging. I’ve made several close friends since I began blogging and have a tight knit group of people, not only in Paris, but also around the world.

What are your followers looking for from Petite in Paris?
My followers are mainly from the US, France and the UK. Those in the US are interested to see what an American is doing in Paris, the French are interested in what an American will do with French styling and the British are interested in an American’s twist on French fashion. I suppose everyone has their own reason, but in general it’s the complex nature of my background and location that makes it interesting for my followers.

Issue 31 Cover Interview: Diane Coletta. Photograph by Aaron Marz
Issue 31 Cover Interview: Diane Coletta. Photograph by Aaron Marz

Do you have any favourite photographs?
Every photo I publish is special; each one has its own personal story, experience and memory. I remember the preparation, the journey to location and the jokes my photographer tells me that bring out the best smile for each shoot.

Do you have a preferred location for your shoots?
Pont Alexandre III in the 7th/8th ‘arrondissement’ is a gorgeous location with a spectacular backdrop including the Eiffel Tower and ‘Les Invalides’, it’s even more special during the golden hour.

Has Paris influenced your style?
The neutral colours, greys and blacks, worn by the Parisians have influenced me. However, I still do wear colourful outfits and like to think I have a mixture of French and American influences.

Where do you buy your outfits?
My favourite department store is Galeries Lafayette in the 9th district. Big box retailers generally have generic sizing that hardly work for my figure. Designers usually produce a more tailored fit that works better with my body type. If I’m looking for something in particular, I’ll do some shopping online.

Diane Coletta Petite in Paris 217
Photo by Aaron Marz

Are there any brands designing for the petite size well?
There are many brands designed for petites. However, often I wear clothes that are not petite in sizing but rather are very small sizes and then I have them altered. Every once in a while I will find something that fits just right without alterations needed.

Who are your favourite designers/brands?
I am constantly telling my followers to invest in timeless quality statement pieces, ones that will last you a long time. For example, I love my Burberry trench coat, and it is my go to trench for events. I’ve had this piece for 5 years and anticipate using it for many years to come! Another great example of this is to invest in timeless handbags; I love my Louis Vuitton handbag, and wear it all the time. If Louis Vuitton isn’t for you, I always recommend to get a handbag with high quality leather that will last years. Overall, there are several brands I love, my biggest advice is to invest in quality over quantity.

You’re now an ‘influencer’, what advice would you give someone looking to start a blog or Instagram profile?
Be determined and don’t give up. Things don’t always occur how you plan, but be persistent and believe in what you are doing and you will reach your goal. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers and Instagrammers. Be yourself, be authentic and communicate with your followers. At some point it will all start coming together. I started 18 months ago and like all bloggers I started with zero followers… Just remember to remain patient and committed to the process.

What will 2017 bring?
I’m very excited about 2017. The New Year will be about growth and diversification. I plan on sharing more travel experiences both on my blog and Instagram. Additionally, my YouTube channel opened this month. I will be using this media to share my adventures and fashion advice in quick and easy to view format. So be sure to check my channel @petiteinparis in the New Year. Finally I’d like to help those looking to build their own social media presence. I will be creating an E-book to help others grow their own Instagram accounts. I also plan to share what I have discovered over the past 18 months along with some helpful tips for new bloggers.

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