Diane Coletta becomes magnet for brands

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When we originally interviewed Diane Coletta in January 2017, she was just 18 months into her blogging and Instagram journey, with what she described as a ‘let’s see how it goes’ idea. Standing at 4’11, her blog ‘Petite in Paris’ has since headed in one direction, with her Instagram following now standing at 118k. Diane is now engaged with numerous brands looking to reach her audience through sponsorships, including Starbucks, Levis and Ralph Lauren. Moving on, Diane is looking forward to her first TV appearance on “The Fashion Hero» Season 2, which will be aired in the summer. Outside of social media, Diane continues to work at a start-up company, RoomChecking, and has recently become engaged to Aaron Marz, planning for a wedding in spring 2020.


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