Creating a Cozy Holiday Atmosphere During Your First Winter in France

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The holidays are both a joyous and hectic time, especially after a recent move to France. Between figuring out where to buy your favorite ingredients and dealing with possible homesickness, it’s important to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere during the holidays.

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Being expats themselves, Cheryl and Dew from English Dream Cake and Elizaveta from Elizaveta Photography, experienced first-hand how vital it was to make France feel like home during the festive season, which is where the idea for this photo shoot was born. By combining natural elements that can easily be found in a backyard with some classic styling and a few DIY touches, they wanted to show how to create a festive ambiance that will make you feel truly at home. Bringing nature inside The beauty of nature is that it takes up space – in this case, a few branches are all that are needed to create a bountiful green setting that serves as the anchor for this holiday theme. A few red berries and some pinecones add pops of color and interesting texture, while simple white linens and candles create a neutral foundation.

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Many stores in Paris are selling rustic wood plate chargers, which are the perfect way to tie everything together.. A touch of DIY While we would all love to say that we made every item from scratch, there’s enough to do already during the holidays. That’s why just one small DIY project, like the red decorative balls with handwritten names that serve as place cards, are enough to wow guests without becoming an overwhelming feat. Making room for dessert Living in Paris, Cheryl and Dew, the ladies behind English Dream Cake, are specialized in making customized cake art. One common question that they hear is “how do I fit all the desserts onto my already-full dinner table”? The answer is always, set up a dessert table, the same way you would at a wedding. This creates a separate beautiful display of your chosen treats while being easily accessible to everyone. Keeping things fun for adults and children “One of the things i love about having a dessert table, is that you can have fun with the presentation. An assortment of the must-haves, which include a decorated fondant cake as well as some naked cakes to tie in the earthly theme. For the kids, fun edible art cupcakes are a great delight.” This earthy setup is both practical and cozy, allowing you to create an easy, festive atmosphere in your first holiday in France.

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A few years ago, I said goodbye to Canada and moved to the land of croissants and champagne. What began as a visual way to capture my new life here developed into a passion; today as a photographer, I'm able to meet amazing new people and capture their big (and small) moments. English Dream Cake is all about making a big impression and helping create a lasting memory at every occasion. English Dream Cake is a one stop shop for all your luxury caking needs from large master pieces to our fun mini treats. We personalize and make hand grafted edible art that will suit any theme for any special occasion.