7 French superstitions you should be aware of

Travelling in a foreign country can turn out being more exotic than expected. Especially when you run into strange local customs… Here are 7 French superstitions you need to respect if you want to avoid crooked […]


Probably the most useful website you can find in France – They finally realized that people need guidance with French administration – A new website launched – –

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest headaches for expats in France is navigating administration. We’ve all been there,  trying to manage one of hundreds of activities that may seem straight forward in our own […]


14 awkward moments when speaking French

14 mistakes you’ll probably make when learning French – but who cares? It’s all part of the fun 🙂 Baiser The awkward moment when you confuse a kiss for a F***. Next time say bisou […]


Chartered Accounted answers expat questions (Q&A)

Which software would you recommend for issuing invoices and tracking expenses? I recommend you check out Quickbooks, Cégid, Debitoor or the free option – Henrri. When I get paid in monthly installments, do I need […]