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Mademoiselle Romance

Chronicles inspiring modern love with romance Within minutes of meeting Lily for the first time, in a typical Parisian brasserie, it was clear why she had earned the title “Lily la Tigresse”! As she flashed […]


Connie-Lee Bennett – Holistic Therapist

Awarded Best Therapist in Paris 2016 by the international community, South African expat Connie-Lee Bennett has made her mark since arriving in Paris in 2015. Speaking at various events, including; ‘Women Economic Forum’, ‘Global Women’ […]

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Why is it so hard for women to find a tailor?

This was the question that designer Aaliyah Picanso asked Parisian tailor Joris Duval in 2014. Aaliyah found beauty in tailor craftsmanship with hand-stitched perfect lines and wondered why this luxury was specialized specifically in menswear. […]

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Preparing his third TEDx in Paris – Sabri Ben Radhia

Most students concentrate on their studies in the hope that they’ll put their education into practice after graduation. But some students stand out, they shine for their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. Recent graduate Sabri left […]

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Lisa Anselmo

(Part-time) expat Lisa Anselmo shares her life between Paris and New York. She is a creative director, writer and author of My (Part-Time) Paris Life – How Running Away Brought Me Home: a true story […]