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Issue 15

Expat Business Owner submisison

We are looking for expat business owners in France! If you run your own business (whether it be freelance or SMB) we are interested in hearing from you.. We are looking to feature 3 to […]

Issue 15

What is it about Paris?

It’s the booksellers along the river. It’s the young women dressing themselves in vitality, the most authentic make up. It’s the dogs sitting next to their masters in the cafés. It’s the two-year-old children with […]

Issue 13


As you probably already know, you can be stylish even when you want to feel comfortable. Going on holiday doesn’t mean taking a break from style and elegance. You never know who you might meet […]

No Picture


“Who am I?” A question often unconsciously asked in our teens, then again in our twenties, and frequently becoming a conscious question in our thirties…. Until finally we reach the 40-something age bracket with a […]