Best of Paris 2018

Best Blog in Paris 2018

Canadian writer Lily Heise fell in love with Paris in 2000 and never looked back. Her travel writing has appeared in the international press including The Huffington Post and Condé Nast Traveler. The author of […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Facebook Page for Paris 2018

Retaining the Best of Paris Facebook Page is Gail Boisclair’s Perfectly Paris. A Canadian transplant who fell in love with Montmartre and has been living here since 2001, Gail runs a furnished rental company, providing […]


Best Expat YouTuber in Paris 2018

31-year-old Mexican, Mirella Bouteiller, certainly made her mark on the Best of Paris 2018 campaign by receiving the most votes across all categories. This content creator and influencer, launched her own YouTube channel in 2015 […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Food Blog 2018

Mad About Macarons was initially created to accompany Jill Colonna’s first French patisserie recipe book. Jill focuses on enjoying do-able, easy French (and Scottish) classic recipes, adding her own twists and enlightening stories – all […]

Best of Paris 2018

Best Podcast in Paris 2018

Hosted by Australian journalist Oliver Gee, with travel tips, Paris secrets, and fascinating guests, this is a podcast to listen to if you want to understand Paris. 2018 saw him take to the road for […]