Where can I cash in coins in Paris?

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Where can I cash in coins in Paris?

I just go to bakeries and buy stuff! Lots of bakeries have coin machines to pay

Bakeries will often take your coins gladly. 🍞🍮

Apparently E. Leclerc at Soouest have a coinstar machine that you can cash in your coins and they give you a token to spend in their store

So Ouest

Mine didn’t so now I am stuck with a heavy bag. That’s a good idea to use them at the store but I don’t want to buy anything so thought it’s possible to exchange for cash. Apparently it’s not that easy 😄 And post said I need to have an account

Auchan has machines that exchange coins against coupons, dunno if other chains have the same kinds of machines though

If you have a French bank account, and have a card (CB/Visa etc) tied to it, some branches have a machine where you can drop in your coins. It’s a glorified coin counting machine. No clerk does that anymore, you have to use those machines. It deposits directly into your account.

I had a jar that I filled with cent (1c, 2c, 5c, etc.) coins over a couple of years; about 120 Euro.

The machines are temperamental and slow –yep, I won’t say it, you thought it. Took three tries to empty the whole jar.

Auchen at Issy Les Moulineaux has a coin counting matching that gives you the value in store credit. Works a treat.

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