Calling bloggers and community managers (Best of Paris 2018)

Calling bloggers and community managers (Best of Paris 2018)

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The third edition of Best of Paris is approaching and we are looking for bloggers and community managers to partner with us for the upcoming campaign.

What is Best of Paris?

It’s a 2 month campaign which combines all of our print, web and social communities allowing people to vote for the services, experiences and achievements expatriates in Paris feel deserve recognition. Such categories include: Best Lifestyle Blogger, Best Supermarket, Best Startup, Best Illustrator, Best Facebook Page for Paris, Best Expat YouTuber in Paris….

How does it work?

During the voting period  (September – November) 250 categories will be presented along with 4 to 5 nominations per category. 1 vote can be placed per category. The nominee with the most votes by the end of the campaign wins their category and are crowned BEST OF PARIS 2018. The results are printed in a special edition of Expatriates Magazine – Best of Paris 2018 in December and distributed to over 300 collection points across the city, the results also appear online and are shared through out social pages and groups.


Every year we work with bloggers and community managers to build the categories, after all everyone has their own areas of interest and expertise, so who better to suggest nominees? We aim to provide a win-win partnership, and ask for:

  • Your suggested categories (5 categories along with 5 nominations per categories) in your field of interest.
  • A blog post about the campaign – we can provide you with any information you want for your post.

in exchange for:

Contributor bios (2017)
Image: Best of Paris Print Edition Partner Thankyou


Last Years Best of Paris Magazine Cover


  • Can a partner be nominated in a category? Yes you’re part of the community and can be present in the campaign (please note: partners do not gain any advantage in the voting process)
  • How many people voted last year? 92,000 votes were places during last year’s 8 week campaign

If you’re interested with being part of Best of Paris 2018 as a partner email us on, send us a PM via Facebook here or below

Let us know if you would like to contribute

Your Name:
Your Blog/Community URL:
Area of Interest/Expertise:
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