B&You offer Unlimited Calls, SMS, MMS, 20Go (4G) for 1.99€ per month – ends 21st September

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B&You have presented an offer to counter Free’s 2€ package. The offer, which costs 1.99€ per month ends on 21st September and includes:

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • 20G per month (4G)Go to Offer

Having recently left B&You to take Free up on their 0.99 cent per month offer which they pushed to vente-privee.com members. I find myself considering a switch back. Whilst I’m content with the package I exchanged for, there is a considerable difference in 4G network coverage which does become tedious.

Just remember, if you take up this offer, be sure to cancel in the 12th month otherwise you’ll be upgraded to the 24€99/month price bracket.