Buying that first piece of art

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Pictured: Lost in translation, Oil on Linen – 2x, 97x146cm – 2017. Left: Sckaro (Oscar Maslard),, Instagram : @sckaro. Right: Ratur (Arthur Maslard),, Instagram: @raturone

Paris bombards you with art gallery after art gallery after art gallery. The richness of art in this city floors me beyond anything I could ever imagine. Seeing artwork all the time, to the point where you can quickly become numb to it, is either the gift or the curse of living in Paris. One day it will happen. The day you pass by the window, and you see a piece of art that catches your eye. The art catches your eye so much, you are mesmerized by the way it makes you feel mentally and physically. You go into the gallery, meet the gallerist, but you do not hear a word she is saying. Your focus is solely on that piece of art that grabbed you from the street, and would not let you go. What do you do? You buy it. Art IS an investment, but it is so much more.

Historically art has been used to spread a political message. It has changed the religion of the indigenous, conquered by the Spaniards and British. It was used to tell the monarchy to treat people better. Art has been used to decorate the most ornate palaces the world has ever seen. And now art is used to create ambience, a conversational piece, and the symbol that reminds you of something.

With social media we’ve become saturated with art – music and paintings. But despite all the distractions we have in our lives, there will still always be that one piece of art that slows everything down for us and brings meaning to this thing we call life.

Why should you pay attention to art? That’s a good question and one that can only be answered by the individual. For me, art expands my mind to reach beyond myself and my abilities. It sparked my creative side, a part of my brain I thought was lost over the years. Art is the one financial expenditure that I have never regretted.

Being raised in southern Alabama, the art in most of the homes I visited was of Jesus: blond hair, blue eyes looking up and praying to himself. This image was planted in my mind as a child whenever I thought of Jesus, and it remained there, when I became an adult. The power of this $3 photo completely shaped my impression of this famous historical figure. You see the power and potential of Art?
Need I say more?

I really encourage you to visit museums here, but don’t forget to step inside the galleries too. Don’t feel intimidated by the price or the gallerist. Who knows, you may find the piece that makes a difference to your life. Enter that gallery to discover and appreciate the work that living artists are creating today. The expression «Starving Artist» is real. I guess they need more writers like me.

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