Best Photographer (Wedding) in Paris 2018

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Born in Poland and raised in Canada, Dagmara grew up in a diverse environment, somewhere between Polish, French Canadian, and Anglophone cultures, all within an immigrant household. This opened her up to a new perspective on tradition, language as well as family values.

Long periods of hospitalization and bed rest in her childhood shaped her vision of the world and allowed her to observe her surroundings more carefully. From this was born a pressing need to understand people, to dive into things and to not be afraid of others’ judgment.

From 2003 to 2009, her curiosity for foreign lands led her to study and work in several different places, including eastern Canada, Ecuador, Spain and Switzerland.

When everything is said and done, all Dagmara remembers in life are the people who have touched her heart, who have made her want to tell a story together. This is what motivates her every day; the beautiful, crazy, inspiring, silly people in her life. And that is also why she loves to shoot weddings. Her work goes beyond the images, it is about spending time with you, feeling that spark with each of her clients. «I can see myself being friends with them. And this starts with meeting them. In real life. At least twice before the wedding. It takes time to build trust and to feel comfortable. I think that this is essential in telling your story. The more I know you, the better our work together will be.»

Notable mentions: Krystal Kenney, Haig Tcherkezian and Benoit Briand.

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