Best Open Mic in Paris 2018

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Hosting 5 concerts a week, Kabyle Smail Ait Saadi’s restaurant, Osmoz, has become known among those in the know as THE nightspot. Pianist Sheldon Forrest began playing duo concerts there in 2013 and it has grown to be one of his favourite venues for its warmth, informality and vibes. In the summer of 2016 Sheldon approached Smail with an idea; to begin a Wednesday night open mic series, accepting and supportive of the idea they started in September 2016 and have been running ever since. Performers from all backgrounds and musical styles attend on Wednesday nights to share their joy for music. Sheldon will often be seen at the piano, accompanying singers and dancers during their jam. The open mic is free of charge with any minimum order, their roster and reputation continues and is something Sheldon is very proud of.

Notable mentions: Monday nights at Galway Pub, Wednesday nights at The Highlander and Monday nights at The Bombardier.

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