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If you would like to nominate something for Best of Paris 2019 please use the form at the bottom of the page.

What is Best of Paris?

The Best of Paris is a campaign that helps the community discover the services, products, companies, experiences, and individuals in Paris (+Suburbs) across various categories. Beyond this discovery aspect, the community will vote for their favorites among those categories. Those with the most votes will be crowned Best of Paris 2019. Appearing on the website and PDF version of Expatriates Magazine. Some selected winners will also appear in Expatriates Magazine Print edition – December 2019.


When is the voting period?

October 10th to November 15th (21:00 GMT+1) 

What kind of categories are included?

There is a wide range of categories to include various aspects of living in Paris. Some examples include:

  • Best Language School
  • Best Hairdresser
  • Best Parenting group
  • Best Expat Association
  • Best Expat Blog
  • Best Expat Youtuber
  • etc
    See all the 2019 categories here

My category isn’t listed, can it be added?

You’re welcome to suggest a new category, email your suggested and 3 nominees to Some categories will be left as an editor’s choice.

Has this campaign happened before?

Yes, this is the 4th year the campaign has run.

Can I see last year’s results?

They can be accessed online, or the PDF version can be downloaded here

Where are the communities that are involved

The Best of Paris campaign brings expats and locals from various places. The launch platforms, so to speak are our own communities: consisting of:

  • Expatriates Magazine Print- November edition will promote the campaign and distributed to 200 embassies, companies, schools, cafes, bars, associations
  • Expatriates Magazine Facebook – 27,000 followers who will be informed of the categories, nominees, special offers, etc
  • Expatriates in Paris – 30,000 members who will be encouraged to vote
  • Jobs in Paris – 31,000 members who will be encouraged to vote
  • Rentals in Paris – 11,000 members who will be encouraged to vote
  • Classifieds in Paris – 14,000 members  will be encouraged to vote
  • Babysitters in Paris – 5,000 members who will be encouraged to vote
  • Jobs in Paris page – 3,000 followers will be encouraged to vote
  • Expatriate Party – 2000 followers will be encouraged to vote
  • Newsletter subscribers – 7,000 expats will be invited to vote
  • Companies – 6,000 companies will be invited to participate
  • Meetup – 3,800 meetup members will be invited to participate
  • Instagram – 6,000 followers will be kept informed on the progress

How does one vote?

Voting is simple, you just need to visit the category you would like to vote on, select the nominee and click on the vote button.

How many times can I vote?

One vote per category per device.

What if someone resets their cookies, uses a VPN and changes their IP address?

Once voting is closed the voting records are analyzed. All votes are tracked and suspicious behavior will result in:

  1. A deletion of suspicious votes
  2. Removal from the campaign

Does that really happen?

Absolutely – the 2018 campaign saw two winners lose top spot once the campaign closed and the votes were checked. After 4 years of campaigns we are well aware of the categories that will need monitoring.

I suspect someone in my category is cheating… what can I do?

Firstly, be assured, everything is tracked. If you are certain you can request a manual review of your category, simply email contact@expatriatesmagazine asking for a review (we will need to know the category name and the nominee under suspicion).

How do the percentages work? How is it possible someone jumped from 10% to 90%

This is a common question. As the results are shown in percentage terms, categories that have a low total number of votes will see larger changes in percentages. For example, a nominee with 1 vote in a category with a total of 10 votes will see 10%, in another category with 1000 votes, a nominee would need 100 votes to reach 10%.

How are people raising awareness 

The usual why nominees raise awareness is through communicating with their friends, family, customers, etc. Usually through social media, newsletters, and websites. How a nominee communicates is entirely up to them.

How many votes should we expect in this year’s campaign

Previous years saw the following vote counts:

  • 2016 – 25,000
  • 2017 – 92,000
  • 2018 – 82,000

We expect the 2019 campaign to receive between 50,000 and 70,000 votes. This year will see less categories and a shorter voting period.


I would like to have a badge to place on my website – is it possible to have one?

Certainly, the badge can be downloaded with a transparent background here

With so many visitors in Paris coming and seeing the categories and discovering the services how can I promote my service?

There are several ways to promote your service during the Best of Paris 2019:

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  • The quick option is the inclusion a website link next to your nomination, so anyone visiting your category can click and visit your website. Nomination links also appear on the website sidebar so visitors can discover your web from any category.
  • Banners – Rotational 300×250 banners will appear and provide a direct way to promote your service online during the campaign
  • Discount offer – if your service provides a discount we will include this in your nomination with an exit link – discounts and incentives are always popular and will be included in Social media marketing, Emailings, and even the print magazine.
  • If you wish to appear in the Best of Paris Print edition you can purchase your advertisement – we currently have early bird rates

To see all Best of Paris options, visit here

What are the social media tags used during the campaign?

If you wish to tag the campaign you can use @expatriatesmagazine on Facebook and @expatriates_magazine on Instagram – Our specific Hashtag on Instagram is #expatriatesmagazine


You can use the form below to nominate someone:

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Download PDF (low res) here
Order a print copy - here
Expatriates in Paris Live Streams - every day at 9pm - see the schedule here

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