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What is Best of Paris? 
A campaign across Print, Web and Social media designed to find and acknowledge the individuals, services, companies and experiences in Paris that the international community feel deserve recognition.

When does Best of Paris Voting Begin?

Voting for the 3rd edition of Best of Paris opens on September 15th 2018 and ends on November 25th.

I’ve been Nominated, Is there a badge I can place on my blog/website?

A transparent Best of Paris 2018 Nominated Web Badge is available for download by clicking on the button below:

Download Badge
*An email address is requested so we can keep track of where the badges are being placed.
A winners badge will be made available when the campaign is finished

How do I submit a Free nomination video?

Nomination videos can be sent to But must respect the following:

  • Sent video Wetransfer or Google Drive
  • .mov or .mp4 format
  • Respect the 20 second limit
  • Introduce yourself and mention Best of Paris by Expatriates Magazine

See the example videos here. Once a video is received it’ll be uploaded in your category

How do I have a link appear by my nomination
Links can be purchased – please visit here or email

Can you confirm I have been nominated and what category?

All the categories and nominees will be visible on the 15th September 2018. If you have been nominated you will be listed in a related category. We will be announcing categories on nominees on our facebook page

Can people still be nominated after voting starts?

Yes, nominations can be added to the list after the 15th, a form will be made available to submit your nominations.

Nominations can be made here:

Who do you nominate?:*
Which Category?:*
Reason for Nomination (we may print this):
Your Name (optional):
E-mail (optional - if you want to be notified when your nomination has been added):

Can you create a new category?

New Categories can be suggested, to suggest a category you will be asked for a minimum of 3 nominations. This can be submitted here.

Can I be in more than one category?

Yes, If Expatriates Magazine feel a nominee deserves to be in more than one category.

How can I share my category to get votes?

Categories can be shared on Social media, each category will have its own URL and share options.

What is a nomination video?

Nomination videos are new for the 2018 campaign. A 20 second video to enable nominees to connect with the community, introduce their service and encourage a vote.

Can I change my category?

If you feel you have been nominated in an incorrect category, you can email contact@expatriatesmagazine.comrequesting a change of category

Do nominations count as votes? I have been nominated multiple times?

Nominations do not count as votes.

How often will people be able to vote?

1 vote per device is permitted. Any votes considered to manipulate IP address, cookies etc will not be counted at the final tally.

How will the winners be announced

A special edition of Expatriates Magazine (BEST OF PARIS 2018) will be printed and distributed to over 300 outlets across the city in December 2018. Selected winners and notable mentions will be announced in that edition. The results will also be made available online.

Will all winners appear in Print?

No, only selected winners and categories will be highlighted in the BEST OF PARIS Print Edition. All Qualified winners will however be included in the online results.

What is the best way to encourage appearing in the Printed Results

When the time comes we will be reaching out to those who look in favourable positions. It is important to respond to the mail delivering the requested information. You can provide such information at any time by emailing with photos and a brief company background text.

What is a qualified winner?

A qualified winner is someone whose votes have been deemed to be legitimate. Duplicate and manipulated votes will not be counted at the end of the campaign.