Best Illustrator in Paris 2017 – Best of Paris 2017

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While some categories went down to the wire, others, in particular the newly created Best Illustrator in Paris category, were more or less decided within the first week of voting. A clear appreciation of Cynthia Renard’s talent was shown during the nomination stage of the campaign, with one individual stating « She is an inspiration in the world of scrapbooking and crafting, not just here in France, but to the rest of the world. Her artwork brings
happiness to us. I found her on Instagram 2 years ago and I’ve been following and admiring her ever since.» Filipina, Cynthia Renard is the illustrator and founder of, a small company specializing in photopolymer stamps for crafts and scrapbooking. Her «Happy Girls» are adored by a loyal fan base across the world. When asked about her work, Cynthia says, «What I love about being an illustrator is that I get to tell happy stories through my art. I don’t just draw, I storytell. I hit my audience with love and positivity. I make them feel inspired and motivated. I make them feel something powerful when they see my art, something that will make them smile, pull heartstrings and stir up memories.» Her 400+ votes see Cynthia voted as Best Illustrator in Paris 2017,

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