Best French Tutor in Paris 2018

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Parisian since 2015, Carrie Anne James created French is Beautiful to teach Francophiles around the world how to speak French beautifully. Her best advice for learning French? Stay connected to your inspiration, be consistent and, above all, never give up. She, too learned French from scratch, starting in college at U.C. Berkeley. She knows exactly which parts of French make it challenging for English speakers and thereby ‘breathes life into learning French’, in the words of one student. Carrie Anne began offering group classes in the Marais in 2018 to coach the expat community in Paris towards living their lives in French. French is Beautiful recently launched an online monthly membership to help adult French learners around the world stay inspired in an accessible format. Once called ‘the Michelin-starred chef of French teachers’, Carrie Anne believes ‘de tout cœur’ that everyone is capable of speaking French, beautifully.
Photograph by Abby Ingwersen

Notable mention: Delphine Krotoff

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