Best Fashion Photographer in Paris 2017 – Best of Paris 2017

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This year’s title of Best Fashion Photographer was claimed by Laurent Lô.  Self-taught, Laurent is passionate about his art. He instinctively knows how to capture a moment with the just the right light and atmosphere to make the perfect picture. After taking pictures during his travels around the world, it was his photos of street art and of Paris that initially made him known among Parisian photographers at gallery exhibitions and cultural events. He was soon to be seen working on the fashion runways and his name featured in the best fashion and haute couture magazines. «I like to shoot very quickly. It’s more of a move than a shoot, and many of my subjects tell me I’m always fast. I like to take pictures that tell a story, show an emotion – a live record of the inner beauty that exists in every second of our life. This is particularly appreciated by fashion designers who love my interest in the details of their creations and the light or movement that my work uses to reveal their spirit and beauty.» Honourable mentions in this category include 2016 winner Arnel Ian Dela Gente and Federico Guendel.

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