Best Fashion Blog in Paris 2017 – Best of Paris 2017

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With a growing number of fashion aficionados creating their own blogs, the nominations for Best Fashion Blog was sure to attract a lot of participants. Initially it seemed that 2016 winner, Diane Coletta, of Petite in Paris, would retain her title, and, while she was leading at the start, the arrival of a new contender on the scene changed the game. Native Dane, Julie Johansen of Agentluxe moved to Paris in 2008 to follow her dream. Her blog was born from a longing to write and a desire to learn more about the world of fashion. Today, AgentLuxe is an illustrated guide to fashion and the life of luxury in Paris and beyond! It showcases Julie’s favourite restaurants and fashion spots, and features inspiring VIP interviews. AgentLuxe won Best Fashion Blog with 1,504 votes.

Paris Frivole finished second and 2016 winner Petite in Paris came in third place. Other notable blogs included Ameni Daily  and Nikita Wong’s Meet Me In Paree.

The Best of Paris 2017 results were printed and distributed here, download the web badges and PDF results here. Personal copies and subscriptions can be ordered here