Best Expat Musician, Band, Singer in Paris 2018

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American jazz singer/composer, comedian and recording artist, Marvin Parks has lived in Paris since 2013, performing in clubs such as Café Universel, and Cave du 38Riv and at festivals throughout France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, and Serbia.

His show ‘Marvin Parks: American Jazz Singer’, ran here for 2 years and was nominated for Best Comedy in last year’s Best of Paris campaign. Marvin started doing stand-up comedy in English just over a year ago at the Paname Art Café’s open mic, making his debut at The New York Comedy Night hosted by Sebastian Marx. He has since appeared on the French comedy show Le Fieald. He presents ‘LE Apéro Mike’ at Le Kibélé. Marvin also does voiceover work and was featured in the short independent film ‘At Vincent’s’ in 2017. He is currently preparing to launch a new, live music-comedy show, ‘The Marvin Parks Show’.

One of over 300 amateur and professional musicians who participate in the RATP’s ‘Musiciens du Métro’, he uses his talent as a performer to engage with commuters and tourists in the capital’s métro. Attracting attention from Le Monde and France Inter, his métro performances led to an appearance on the Canal+ show L’Emission d’Antoine and since 2017 he has been working on developing the brand ‘JazzduMétro’.

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Notable mentions:

Mark Norman Harris – Mark Norman Harris grew up in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. He began making music in highschool with “The Jive”. He later attended the University of Toronto, studyng religion, and participating in a literary society.  He left school to work in Nepal with the dream of building an artist residency in the mountains, eventually starting the Art Haus of Kathmandu which produced a series of performances for rural villages.  Currently in Paris creating an album with Quvib Records, and is the host of the alternative comedy show “Funny or Pie”.

The Doodads – The Doodads are a nine-piece band showcasing a wide repertoire of covers and a few catchy original songs, a funky groove that will get you moving, strong vocal harmonies reminiscent of your favorite arena rock bands, and the ability to put on performances ranging from unplugged acoustic jams to full-on rock’n’roll shows. The Doodads come from four countries but all speak the languages of music and fun, and can turn any gathering into a party to remember!

Sarah Tullamore – An English singer, actress and voice-over artist who writes and performs her own one-woman musicals too.

Wendy Lee Taylor

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