Best Expat Blog in Paris 2017 – Best of Paris 2017

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The Best Expat Blog was a highly contested category, receiving over 5,000 votes from those showing support for their favourite bloggers. Initially, Ecuadorian Karla Fraga ( took a dominant lead for several weeks, but as the campaign unfolded, Russian lifestyle blogger Daria Mikhalevich ( moved into pole position, where she remained until the closing stages of the campaign. With only a week to go, 2016 winner, Maggie Kim ( climbed the rankings to reclaim her title as Best Expat Blog in Paris 2017. «With twenty-five international contributors, Les LOLOS features the best stories and recommendations for trailblazing women everywhere.» Maggie told us. Making her debut in the campaign, Kate Goodbody ( can be proud of the support her blog received, as she is now starting the process of leaving Paris to return to England. Elsewhere, a new blog and podcast, Oliver Gee’s The Earful Tower was introduced into the mix (, having just launched in January 2017. To win this year’s campaign would probably have been expecting too much, but finishing in a respectable 5th place puts him in a very promising position for the 2018 campaign.

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