Best Expat Artist in Paris 2018

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Alison Grace Koehler’s stained glass, like her poetry, is imbued with personal expression, as well as happenstance and broken glass. She makes windows and hangings for transient exhibits and installations, as well as permanent art for public and private spaces. Additionally, Alison has performed poetry and/or live stained glass at The Edinburgh Art Festival, ‘Les Nocturnes de l’Aude’, The Meeting Point Project, Bespoke Soiree, Paris Lit Up, Spoken Word Paris, and The Poetry Brothel. Over the last 12 months she has sought out unusual new architectural environments in which to both make stained glass windows, and to perform. She created live visuals as stained glass VJ with the chorus La Brenadienne, and completed a stained glass poetry window inside the alternative art space Carbone 17. She has recently been invited to propose a series of contemporary windows for a 12th century abbey, and a facade for a concert venue.

Alison is available to make stained glass windows for homes, as well as many other types of public and private settings. She can be invited to perform her stained glass poetry as a stand-alone act, and as visual accompaniment to music.

Additionally she can be hired to do live painting for events and animate glasswork and writing workshops, which she currently conducts at Stillpoint Spaces Paris.

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Notable mentions:
Jessie Kanelos Weiner – An American illustrator, food stylist and author of Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables.

Daria Goncharenko – A Ukrainian artist and graphic designer. Her initial works were about pure abstract shapes which gravitated only around colour. Lately she started being attracted to small details.

Moe Delaitre – Extensive formal training in the realist-based classical techniques. Reflecting years of tutelage, her finely rendered works are derived from a true sense of craftmanship, augmented by skills honed through years of diligent effort and enhanced by the innate sense of beauty which goes into making a true artist. Her works are held in numerous private collections and several public institutions worldwide, including the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, The United States Naval Academy and the University of Maryland’s Dental Museum, as well as appearing on magazine and bookcovers such as National Geographic and Miramax-Hyperion.

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