Best Expat Achievement in Paris 2017 – Best of Paris 2017

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Trying to find the best achievement is no easy feat. As expats we pursue our goals outside of our comfort zone and safety net and there are countless expats successfully achieving what they’ve set out to do. However, the Best Expat Achievement of 2017 is awarded to Paul Taylor ( The British comedian has grown into a household name over the past year which stems from his viral video ‘La Bise!!’ Paul Taylor’s perspective of French culture and the social circumstances of ‘The Kiss’ certainly rang true for many Anglo-Saxons. Following the success of his video, this bilingual expat of 8 years was contacted by Canal+ for a TV mini-series entitled ‘What the Fu*k France’. Online, his YouTube videos attract millions of views as he dissects every aspect of French life.
The former Apple employee’s show #Franglais explores topics expats ponder such as, ‘Why are there 15 days in two weeks?’ and ‘How many kisses should you give when greeting someone?’.
Update – Paul Taylor has since started a new show on Canal+ called ‘What’s up France

Noteable Mentions

  • Sabri Ben Radhia – Organiser of TEDxIHEParis (the only English-speaking TEDx in Paris. The 2017 edition attracted 800 attendees.
  • Aaron Marz – CTO at RoomChecking – Received funding for the system which unites  hotel housekeeping, maintenance and front office

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