Best Cocktail Bar in Paris 2018

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Little Red Door is a cosy bar in the third arrondissement. With inviting decor, a relaxed environment, big smiles and an offering that aims to create an experience from the moment you walk in, Little Red Door takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Paris and embraces the creative scene of the Marais district. The international team specializes in conceptual menus, delivered in an accessible and quirky manner with the aim of guaranteeing there is something for everyone. Rory Shepherd, Head of Operations and Creativity comments, “We’ve always made it our mission at Little Red Door to create cocktails that tell emotive stories and challenge perceptions, whilst remaining accessible and simple in their delivery. We have a large international audience at the bar; a concept such as Universal Values which transcends cultures and geographical locations gave us a great starting point to create an accessible menu. It offers layers that guests can discuss or explore, or not, and they just enjoy a great tasty drink!”

Notable mentions: Gravity Bar, Le Syndicat

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