Best Childrens’ Group in Paris 2018

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After being asked to direct the Christmas Pageant at the American Cathedral over 8 years ago, Erin Colston discovered that, despite demand, there wasn’t a musical theatre program in English in the city. This was her Eureka moment that led her to founding American Children’s Theatre; a theatre company run by Erin and Rhian Nichol O’Sullivan, for children, offering classes during the school year, camps during some school holidays and workshops. From starting with a one week long camp session and 9 students, today 200 students are enrolled in their semester-long programs and 150 students a year attend their camps and workshops! Special permission has recently been granted to perform the French premiere of a moving show called «The Battle of Boat» by Ethan Lewis Maltby and Jenna Donnelly, about children in England during WW1» A very exciting opportunity for ACT’s «All-stars» troupe.

American Children’s Theatre

Notable mentions: Message, USA Girl Scouts, American Basketball Camp.

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