Beginning a phrase with And or But

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Beginning a phrase with And or But

Specific words is actually met spending an evening home, by yourself, restaurants freeze-ointment right out of the box, enjoying Seinfeld lso are-operates on tv, or training a guide. Other people aren’t happier except if they might be out on the town, mixing it with other terms; they’ve been joiners in addition they simply cannot let themselves. A conjunction try an excellent joiner, a phrase you to definitely links (conjoins) components of a sentence.

Coordinating Conjunctions

The easy, little conjunctions are called coordinating conjunctions (you can click on the words observe particular definitions away from each of them):

(It can help you consider these conjunctions by recalling that they the has actually less than five letters. Including, remember the acronym FANBOYS : F otherwise- An excellent nd- N or- B ut- O r- Y mais aussi- S o. Be careful of the terms next now ; none is actually a coordinating conjunction, so what we say regarding the complimentary conjunctions’ roles within the a phrase and you may punctuation will not apply to these conditions.)


  • Ulysses desires to wager UConn , however, he has got had difficulties conference the fresh new informative conditions.

If the a few independent conditions linked because of the a matching conjunction try sensible or temporary, of numerous writers often leave out the fresh new comma:


  • Ulysses keeps a plunge shot however, he isn’t quick towards the his legs.

The latest comma is definitely best when used to separate a couple independent conditions connected of the a coordinating combination. Come across Punctuation Anywhere between A couple of Independent Clauses for further help.

A comma is also right whenever and that’s regularly install the last items out-of an excellent serial list, although many writers (particularly in press) have a tendency to exclude one to latest comma:


  • Ulysses spent his june understanding very first mathematics, creating , and you can understanding comprehension.


  • Presbyterians and you will Methodists and you may Baptists certainly are the commonplace Protestant congregations inside Oklahoma.


  • This is a useful laws , but difficult to contemplate.

In most of their most other jobs once the joiners (other than joining separate clauses, that’s), complimentary conjunctions can register a couple sentence elements without having any assistance of an effective comma.


  • Hemingway and Fitzgerald are among the American expatriates of your between-the-battles era.
  • Hemingway are popular having their obvious concept and his awesome facts to your American notions out-of men identity.
  • It is not easy to express whether or not Hemingway otherwise Fitzgerald is the significantly more interesting social icon regarding his go out.
  • In the event Hemingway is often disparaged to have their unpleasant depiction of females and his glorification from machismo , we however get phrendly some good sympathetic, also brave, lady figures in the novels and short stories.

A normally asked matter regarding conjunctions is if and even however, can be utilized at the beginning of a phrase. Some tips about what R.W. Burchfield needs to say regarding it usage of and you will :

regarding The brand new Fowler’s Modern English Usage modified of the Roentgen.W. Burchfield. Clarendon Push: Oxford, The united kingdomt. 1996. Combined with the latest consent off Oxford University Force.

The same is true on conjunction however, . A phrase you start with and even but are going to mark awareness of itself as well as transformation mode. Publishers is always to consider like phrases that have one or two issues in mind: (1) perform the fresh new phrase and you will section setting just as well without any first combination? (2) should the sentence involved be connected into the past sentence? Should your very first conjunction still seems suitable, make use of it.

One of several coordinating conjunctions, the preferred, obviously, is actually and you may , however, , and even . It would be beneficial to explore the fresh uses of these three nothing words. The latest advice below never deplete the fresh you can definitions regarding these types of conjunctions.

  1. To suggest that one suggestion is chronologically sequential to a different: “Tashonda submitted her software and you can waited by cellular phone getting an answer.”
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