The French and Anglophone’s different approach to Praise and Success

In my ten years living with a Frenchman, and the 4 + years actually living in the country (I know, I’m a total expert already) I’ve started noticing a difference in how we celebrate success and praise towards each other, ourselves and even our children compared to the French. When it comes to applauding success, the French seem to take on a more reserved stance compared ‘les Anglosaxons’, who tend to overdo it – so I set myself the challenge to find out why. […]


Grumpy in Paris – 5 ways to beat the upcoming ‘winter blues’

Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world has its many perks. A wealth of galleries, museums, delicious food, beautiful walks and a melodic language under no matter what context. But all pros have their cons and one of the lesser points of Paris these days is the ‘rentrée effect’ where people have come back from their holidays, said goodbye to summer and are now waiting for winter (even though we’ve only just hit autumn). Here are some ways to beat those winter blues and enjoy the colder season ahead … […]


10 cultural differences to bear in mind when trying to integrate fully in French society

Every-day things like insisting on greeting complete strangers in the elevator, yet totally avoiding a friendly banter afterwards; have left me scratching my head at times. Below I’ve compiled some examples on how these subtleties (that I never noticed before moving here) have sometimes impacted my full integration into the French culture. […]