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In issue 26 we shared an inspirational story about the resilient Brazilian, Ana Paula Mendes ‘defying the odds‘. Her bravery, determination and self-belief saw her leave her impoverished home in Amazonia Brazil at the age of 16. Undeterred by societal expectations, death threats and kidnappings, the spirited entrepreneur went on to found her own company, APAM Consulting, where she acted as consultant for the likes of Franck Provost and Guilherme Jacob (CEO of Age do Brasil).

Since our interview in 2016, Ana has devoted her work to the aerospace industry and has created an e-journal where she writes and shares articles about, among other things, exceptional destinations that can inspire readers for their own development. Much of the content is devoted to aerospace and defense-security professionals who share a similar vision to her own. Her interviews have included astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, astronaut Michel Tognini and Cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Haigneré.

On February 15th 2019, Ana spoke at her first conference (Exposé au Tomato ) addressing the risks and challenges of exceptional careers such as fighter pilots and on April 1st 2019 was appointed Senior Advisor to the President of OEMServices Didier Granger. Ana is now responsible for assisting the development of OEMServices’ community and footprint as well as other key strategic projects.

Visit Ana’s website 

Images from Ana’s childhood – full feature inside issue 26

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