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Ceroc is a modern way of partner dancing without the complicated footwork. Danced in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to a variety of music, it creates the perfect night out. Though a partner dance, there is no need to bring one! Each routine is broken down so the class rotates frequently, this way attendees dance with a new person every FEW MINUTES. A perfect way to socialise.

Ceroc Paris is held every Wednesday evening on Bateau Concorde Atlantique, instructed by British expat Amy Wong.


Hello Amy, can you tell us about Ceroc and how it differs from other dance clubs?



Ceroc is an easy and flexible way to dance which follows the same format each week. All the scary elements you’d think of when looking at dance schools are removed. The simple idea is that once you’re comfortable with the Ceroc format in one city you can easily attend in another city, it’s one of the great things about the Ceroc franchise. We place a big emphasis on the social aspect of dancing. The welcoming is essential, it’s important new members feel at ease.

How is the evening structured?

There are three parts to a Ceroc evening, we begin at 8pm with a 45 minute beginners’ class, during this time new attendees will learn a small range of moves which will allow them to fully participate later on. At 9pm the group will split into two, one group will be for the advanced dancers (8-10 weeks), and the other will be a beginners’ group with ‘taxi dancers’. We finish the formal classes at 9.30pm and then enjoy a freestyle and social evening until 11.00pm.

How important is it to bring a partner with you?

You needn’t bring a partner, the format of the evening is organised so that everyone will rotate partners every 2 minutes. Likewise, you needn’t have any dance experience, Ceroc is a fun and social dance evening, and that is the priority.

Who attends?

We are a diverse group of people, including young professionals and students. Everyone is friendly and active, but the one thing we all have in common is that we are social and want to dance. We have lots of English speakers. We have a strong community spirit which goes beyond the Wednesday night events, we’ll often all get together on weekends to go dancing in Paris or elsewhere.



How does someone register?

We offer a free trial, so anyone can come for free on their first session, this gives people the best way to understand if they like Ceroc, the community and spirit of the occasion… After the trial people can simply pay 12 euros per session or book 10 sessions for 80 euros. You only pay for the classes you attend, and your learning isn’t affected.

What advice would you give someone considering attending a Ceroc evening?

Forget any pre-conception you have of what a dance school is like and have a go. The whole evening is geared towards learning and having fun. Come along and maybe you’ll have some amazing dance moves next time you attend a wedding.

For more information visit or ‘Ceroc Paris’ on Facebook. Classes take place every Wednesday on Concorde Atlantique (23 Quai Anatole France, 75007).


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