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As we look back on the tragic events of this past year, they leave little doubt that we have born witness to the darker side of humanity.

In fact, you would even be forgiven for doubting that beauty still exists in the world today. But if you take a closer look, you will see it all around you. If you want proof of its existence you need look no further than Paris’ countless museums and galleries. It is personified in the artwork of the great artists of yesterday and today whose work lifts our spirits, engages our minds and fills our hearts. Art has the power to transcend time, place, culture, nationality and religion. It provides a haven of peace and calm. Art is, in essence, the embodiment of beauty.

So now, while there is still just a slight chill in the air, take a leisurely walk in Paris’ loveliest garden to the ‘Musée du Luxembourg’ to see the Fragonard In Love exhibition which traces the history of love from the ethereal to the erotic through the paintings and illustrations of one of France’s foremost artists. The exhibition concludes on January 24.

From the Luxembourg Gardens, it is but a short walk past the festive storefronts, intriguing galleries and charming bistros of Saint Germain to the Musée du Louvre, where you will gaze upon the paintings of Raphael which were created during the last years of his all too brief life. This exhibition runs until January 14.

Then stroll along the Seine enjoying both the scenery and the “scene” until you reach the Musee d’Orsay. Here you will see an unusual exhibition entitled, ‘Splendor & Misery’, ‘Pictures of Prostitution’, including works by Manet, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Munch and other notable artists who explore this subject in their works. This exhibition ends on January 17.

Cross over to the Grand Palais to view a retrospective of the paintings, engravings and sculptures of Georges Braque, one of the avant-garde figures who pioneered Cubism and the use of collage in his artwork on display until January 6.

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Former New Yorker, Allison Wiley is the founder of Paris Art & Wine Events which fosters an appreciation for art and wine through a series of unique events. With over 20 years expertise in meeting and event management, she recently formed this concern to share her passion for art, wine and Paris with expats and visitors alike. Like the composition of a piece of art or that of a fine wine, Paris Art & Wine Events blends uniqueness, creativity, a dash of local color, flawless execution and a little je ne sais quoi into all of its art and wine related events. These programs are designed to provide an insider’s look at the diverse Parisian art scene; introduce participants to its galleries, restaurants and neighborhoods; educate and inform and encourage the formation of new friendships with art and wine lovers of all ages. The professional team, directed by a certified Meeting and Event Planner, will make each event whether it is an art gallery wine tasting; art walking tour; meet the artist or artist in residence event; cooking with wine class; art & wine quiz night; art scavenger hunt;; artistic workshop or similar event fun, informative and memorable for both the individual and the corporate client.