A restaurant opens at the abandoned station Montrouge-Ceinture in the 14th arrondissement

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/poinconparis
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An air of intrigue surrounds the abandoned metro and railway stations that run around the city of Paris. Some stations stay active, some are closed to the public, and others are repurposed into remarkable cultural spaces and restaurants like the newest addition to the Parisian scene, Poinçon.


Set in an old metro station, Poinçon provides everything that we are looking for in a social space: a hip and fun place to get some food and hang with friends. Renaud Barillet and Fabrice Martinez, known for La Bellvilloise and Cultplace, have created the new “it” spot to visit in Paris. Poinçon offers up a combination of food, coffee, exhibitions, events, and other types of programs in order to cultivate a location devoted to more than just being a restaurant or café.

The former Montrouge-Ceniture station sits in the 14th arrondissement, an intriguing octagonal building that was first opened in February 1867. After being retired from traveler use in 1934, the 400 square meter building (with a 250 square meter terrace) was once again reinvigorated with life in 2008. Now, the duo has stepped in to create another one-of-a-kind place to visit and a true retreat from the bustling city streets.


Website: www.poinconparis.com
Address: 124 avenue du Général Leclerc 75014 Paris

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