A Giant Picnic is taking place this Sunday with LOTS of Activities – Yoga, Body-paint, Petanque, Gym workouts…. At ‘Espace naturiste du bois de Vincennes’

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A giant picnic, organised by L’Association des Naturistes de Paris for ‘Journée Parisienne du Naturisme’ is taking place this Sunday at Bois de Vincennes and everyone is invited.

This is the 3rd consecutive year the naturist area of Bois de Vincennes celebrates a new season that goes on until October 13th 2019. Throughout the season a series of giant picnics will be organised along with other events, see the calendar here. Those interested in meeting up with fellow Parisians in a friendly environment are encouraged to bring food and drink to share along with a picnic blanket.

This Sunday’s event will be jam packed with activities including body-painting, gym sessions, yoga and there is always someone who brings along a Mölkky set and Petanque balls (FYI – that’s usually me).

If you’re interested in attending, the picnic runs from 11h30  to 18h30 at this exact location.

Journée Parisienne du Naturisme
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