A Cooltra scooter? The best option for moving around in Paris easily

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To live and to work in a big city is always related with traffic and parking problems! In a few years, motorbikes have been converted into the best friend of daily urban rides. This is the best alternative between a car and public transports. Although the drivers are mainly men, women are getting more and more attracted to it. For this reason, Cooltra Paris offers the scooter rental services for individuals and also for business.

Why to rent and not to buy?

Before it was quite habitual to buy a proper motorbike, but current trend is to rent.  But why to rent and not to buy? Because in the end, in many cases to rent a scooter comes up to be more economic.

For example, you might need a scooter during a certain period of time (business trips, reparation of your vehicle or while traveling), renting a scooter is the best and the most economic option. Also a great benefit is that you can forget about such routines like insurance and maintenance.

Is the same advantage also for companies who need scooters for business development. Let´s talk about Food delivery niche or Delivery services who might probably need not just one scooter but several. The size of the fleet definitely depends on size of the company´s activity. It is very easy to imagine the quantity of duties caused by management of such fleet.

  • Fleet purchase (it is important to understand the real needs and buy the most suitable scooter model)
  • Retain and pay the insurance
  • Maintenance and technical revisions

All this leads to a big responsibility of the company, causes complexity and loss of time and money if it is badly maintained.


Cooltra Paris is scooter rental serviced adapted to your needs

But why Cooltra? Cooltra is a European leading company in mobility solutions on two wheels. Cooltra is dedicated to monthly scooter rentals for individuals and offers scooter Renting for business.

Cooltra has at the disposal flexible rental contracts which suits all your needs. At the same time, Cooltra services include a scooter, a helmet, all-risk insurance with franchise and roadside assistance 24/7. Those who opt for Cooltra move around Paris in utter tranquility.

Cooltra also offers fleet management services for business, for helping the companies to operate the scooters and optimize the resourses to the maximum. This service helps a lot to perform well and gives impact to the business results.

If you need a scooter to move around Paris during few days you can book online your scooter with 5% discount at www.cooltra.com

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