7 wedding photographers to consider if you’re getting married in Paris

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It is the time of year where you may be thinking of proposing to your loved one, renewing your vows or having your wedding ceremony. Choosing the right photographer for an event such as a wedding can be a daunting task for many, because we want to keep those magical moments alive in our memories and we all have our own internal expectations of what that moment will look like.

Having a clear idea of what to expect from your photographer will help you relax on your big day and ensure you capture the experience of a lifetime you have dreamed of with your loved one.

We have chosen a very qualified and diverse group of professional photographers who are all internationally experienced, with different backgrounds, to be able to cater to your individual needs. They offer quality work and are pleased to discuss your project(s) with you, to help you find the correct fit for your dreams. They are all multi-lingual and an extremely friendly group of people.


ElizavetaElizaveta is a wedding and portrait photographer from Ottawa, Canada. She has been in Paris, capturing love, life and laughter since 2013.

She is about fun, natural portraits that capture the real people behind the lens in their big (and small) moments. One of Elizaveta’s favourite parts of the wedding day is the couple portraits and this is one of the few times when she gets involved and guides you with prompts and suggestions that will naturally lead to the interaction that you are trying to capture in a photograph. She considers the best photos are ones when the couple is being silly and bursts out laughing or when they just close their eyes and feel the joy of the moment.

« I like to capture the day as it happens, with all the real emotions that go with. That’s why I prefer to use a photo journalistic approach for most of the day. I try to be discretely present during the entire day from the preparations, to the ceremony, to the cocktail. Natural light is my friend, even in a dark church, will I rarely use a flash. »

Elizaveta speaks English and French.

Website: www.elizavetaphotography.com
Email: hello@elizavetaphotography.com


Anna MoskalAnna is from Warsaw, Poland. She has been teaching photography and working as a photographer for 15 years and has been living and working in Paris for over 5 years. Her preferred style of photography is the journalistic approach, as it allows her to tell a story with her photos. Anna graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts, Poznań, Department of Photography, in 2006.

Anna collaborates with her clients to create what she calls a «living memory». When capturing images she organizes them into a rich kaleidoscope to keep every moment of the event. Anna enjoys, being at the event in person and coordinating the «location shooting». She is pleased to consider all projects, small or large, and even abroad.

«Photography is my real passion. I love to look at people, to observe what I see: what excites the happy couple; their tears of joy at the ceremony… and I capture those moments with my camera. I focus on their most important moments without forgetting the details».

Anna speaks English, French, Russian and Polish.

Website: www.ateliermoskal.com
Email: info@ateliermoskal.com


Bruno is a French national who grew up in Paris with an extensive family in Florida, USA. Bruno’s father, who was a photographer, offered him a camera when he was 9, beginning his photographic education and the passion of a lifetime. He graduated from INRACI (Institut National de Radioélectricité et Cinématographie) photographic school in Brussels in 1989. He is an award-winning photographer (MOF award – Meilleur ouvrier de France) specialized in weddings and portraits since 1990. Bruno and his team of photographers have covered more than 600 weddings and 2500 portrait photo shoots worldwide.

Bruno prefers non-posed pictures, putting life and real stories to tell in every photo. His artistic style is inspired by Robert Doisneau, who brought humanism to the world of photography in the 1950’s, though Bruno also loves to work in colour.

«We always meet the bride and the groom before the wedding, to prepare (technically and artistically) for this very important day. Listening to the couple’s wishes, we form a very close partnership. We use black and white or colour, but we always respect the natural lighting and preserve the true atmosphere.»

Bruno and his team of photographers speak English and French.

Website: www.studiobrunocohen.com
Email: bc@studiobrunocohen.com
Telephone: 06 70 31 75 70



A Polish-Canadian event and portrait photographer with an expertise in weddings. Originating from Warsaw, Poland, Dagmara, grew up and lived in Montreal, Canada for 20 years. She has been living and working in Paris as a photographer since 2012. She studied photography at Concordia University in Montreal.

Focusing on developing a connection to tell the happy couple’s story with a joyful energy, Dagmara is interested in a unique and fun experience tailored to fit the personality of important life events and to create memories with friends and family that last a lifetime. She can be unobtrusive when desired but is focused on creating trust and interaction with her clients. She will guide you when the scenario or circumstances demand.

«I love people and all of their expressions. I believe in being true to yourself and not being afraid to show that to the world! For me, photography is about sharing a memory where we both open up. »

She works with individuals, couples and families in English, French, Spanish, and Polish.

Website: www.dagmarabojenko.com
Email: dbojenko@gmail.com
Telephone: 06 40 89 19 91


haigHaig is a British national living and working as a professional photographer in Paris for over 30 years. He studied photography in the United Kingdom, graduating from the University of Derby with a Creative Photography diploma.

Haig specializes in fine art photography and actively exhibits his art in galleries around the world, namely in France, the UK and the USA. Consequently, your wedding, will be seen and captured through the eyes of an « Artist», adding an extra dimension to your photographs. He will not just capture the moments you may wish to keep (make-up, preparations, ceremony, reception, etc.), but will also convey the beauty, mood, atmosphere and details so unique to your wedding.

«I am happy to provide prestigious and stylish services for your once-in-a-life-time day. The touching up services, a complimentary service included in my packs, will ensure your wedding album photos are individually made to measure. »

Haig is based in Paris, providing luxury photographic services in France and abroad. He is fluent in English, French, and Armenian.

Website: www.theyesday.com/en
Email: haig.tcherkezian@theyesday.com


SoOriginally from New York, Sophia came to Paris in 2008. She opened her first studio, Photo Perfect Paris in 2011 with a second in 2013. She graduated from The New York City College of Technology in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts. She has worked in magazine publishing, her work has been shown on French TV channels such as, TV Arte, and she has been published in The New York Times. She has also photographed members for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars).

Sophia is very precise while being truly sympathetic and engaging with her clients. Photo Perfect Paris is specialised in the creation of fine art portraits for small weddings, elopements and vow renewals.

«I am here to capture more than just a moment, I create images that will make your heart flutter every time you see them. Images that will make you smile for years to come. I’m here to capture your precious memory; no matter what your story is.»

Sophia speaks French and English

Website: www.PhotoPerfectParis.com
Email: info@PhotoPerfectParis.com


During his final tour of Afghanistan in 2013, Master Sergeant Slawomir Janicki was presented with a career-changing opportunity. The Polish army was looking for volunteers to take official photos of his unit. Having a passing interest in photography, he put his name forward and ended up swapping his Beryllium 5.56mm assault rifle for a Nikon D300 camera. The images he saw through his newly adopted viewfinder would change his life. Read his full story here.



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