+6% school children learning German

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The number of schoolchildren learning German this year is up by 6% compared to 2015 – an historical progression. There are in fact 516,869 college students currently studying the language, exceeding the set target of 515,000. In total, 15.6% of pupils were learning German at the beginning of 2016, compared with 14.5% at the start of the 2012 academic year. Bringing the first year of learning LV2 (Langue Vivante 2 – a second foreign language) forward from the 3rd year at collège to the 2nd year has also led to an increase in the proportion of students studying German. 17.5% of students in their 3rd year of collège were learning German in 2015. In 2016 18.9% of students in their 2nd year of collège are doing so.

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