8 Key takeaways from Emmanuel Macron’s support for the establishment of Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram (Wat Pho) in Paris

  1. Presidential Welcome: Emmanuel Macron personally welcomed Somdet Phra Maha Theerajarn, the abbot of Wat Pho, at the Elysée Palace, the president’s official residence in Paris​​.
  2. Official Visit: The abbot’s visit to France was specifically for the opening of Wat Pho Paris, indicating significant importance attached to this event​​.
  3. Launch Ceremony: A special ceremony to officially open Wat Pho Paris was scheduled, with Somdet Phra Maha Theerajarn presiding as its chairman​​.
  4. Inclusive Meeting: The meeting at the Elysée Palace also included Phra Sri Wichira Thamwithet, the Sangha chairman of Wat Pho Paris, and Boonyarit Vichienpuntu, acting ambassador of the Royal Thai Embassy in Paris​​.
  5. Focus on Buddhism and Peace: The discussion with President Macron mainly focused on the development of Buddhism in Thailand and adapting Buddhist teachings to promote world peace​​.
  6. Mutual Appreciation: The abbot expressed appreciation for President Macron’s administrative projects and visions, while Macron showed support for the establishment of Wat Pho Paris​​.
  7. Cultural and Historical Significance: Wat Pho Paris, located in Breux-Jouy, is not just a temple but also a symbol of the 333-year-old friendly ties between Thailand and France​​.
  8. Dhamma Teaching Centre: The temple will serve as a center for Dhamma teachings, focusing on peace, which aligns with the broader discussion of promoting world peace through Buddhist teachings​​.






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