5 ways Paris is Becoming Attractive for Health Tech

  1. Government Investment: In 2021, President Emmanuel Macron announced a €7.5 billion plan to make France a global leader in health-care innovation by 2030. This investment has contributed to the growth and maturation of the health technology sector in the country​​.
  2. Rapid Sector Growth: Between 2020 and 2022, the number of health technology companies in France increased significantly, with a substantial proportion of these companies based in the greater Paris region. This growth is indicative of a thriving ecosystem for health tech startups​​.
  3. Innovative Startups: Paris-based startups like Resolve Stroke are developing cutting-edge medical technologies. For instance, Resolve Stroke is working on a neuromonitoring device that combines the benefits of different medical imaging technologies, showcasing the innovative spirit within the Paris health tech scene​​.
  4. Talent and Networking: The concentration of top universities and research groups in Paris attracts a lot of talent to the city. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities for in-person events and networking, which are crucial for startups​​.
  5. Venture Capital Support: Startups like Resolve Stroke have successfully secured significant seed funding from Paris-based venture capital firms, indicating strong investor interest and financial support for health tech in Paris​​.






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