10 Mainstream TVshows where the characters visited Paris in an episode

  1. “Friends” – In the series finale, Rachel is set to move to Paris for a new job, leading to a significant plot point.
  2. “Gossip Girl” – The beginning of the fourth season features Serena and Blair spending their summer in Paris.
  3. “Sex and the City” – Carrie Bradshaw moves to Paris in the final season with her Russian artist boyfriend.
  4. “The Simpsons” – In the episode “The Devil Wears Nada,” the family travels to Paris.
  5. “House” – In the episode “Baggage,” Dr. House recalls a story about a trip to Paris.
  6. “Parks and Recreation” – Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt visit Paris in the episode “Second Chunce.”
  7. “Modern Family” – The Dunphy and Pritchett families travel to Paris in the episode “Paris.”
  8. “Gilmore Girls” – Rory Gilmore visits Paris on a school trip in the episode “French Twist.”
  9. “Mad Men” – Don Draper plans a spontaneous trip to Paris with Betty in the episode “Maidenform.”
  10. “Family Guy” – In the episode “One if by Clam, Two if by Sea,” Peter and the gang end up in Paris as part of a comical plot twist.






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