6 New Disciplines in the Olympics and athletes to look out for

  1. Breakdancing (Breaking): Introduced as a new sport, breaking will make its Olympic debut in Paris. Look out for athletes like “Bumblebee” from Russia and “Logistx” from the USA, who have made a name for themselves in international competitions.
  2. Skateboarding: After its debut in Tokyo 2020, skateboarding will continue to be a part of the Olympic program in Paris. Athletes like Nyjah Huston (USA) and Sky Brown (GBR) are ones to watch.
  3. Sport Climbing: Another sport that debuted in Tokyo 2020, sport climbing will see athletes compete in speed, bouldering, and lead climbing. Janja Garnbret from Slovenia and Adam Ondra from the Czech Republic are top contenders.
  4. Surfing: Surfing, which also made its debut in Tokyo, will be back for the Paris Olympics. Athletes like Carissa Moore (USA) and Italo Ferreira (BRA) are expected to make waves.
  5. New Events in Existing Sports: The Paris Olympics will also introduce new events in existing sports. For example, athletics will see the addition of a mixed 4x400m relay, and swimming will introduce a mixed 4x100m medley relay.
  6. 3×3 Basketball: After its successful debut in Tokyo, 3×3 basketball will return in Paris. The Serbian men’s team and the USA women’s team are among the top contenders.






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