10 things that set the Paris Olympics apart from previous editions:

  1. Historic Anniversary: The 2024 Olympics will mark the 100th anniversary of the 1924 Paris Olympics, making it a historic occasion for the city and the Olympic movement.
  2. Iconic Venues: Paris plans to use iconic landmarks as event venues. For instance, beach volleyball is set to be played at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and the Seine River will host open water swimming and triathlon events.
  3. Climate Initiatives: Paris 2024 aims to be the first climate-positive Olympic and Paralympic Games. The organizers are committed to reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring sustainable practices.
  4. Urban Sports: Reflecting the changing dynamics of sports, Paris will emphasize urban sports like skateboarding, sport climbing, and breakdancing, appealing to a younger audience.
  5. Shared Hosting: While Paris is the primary host, some events will take place in other cities, ensuring a broader French involvement. For example, Marseille will host sailing events.
  6. Innovative Accommodations: Instead of building a new Olympic Village, Paris plans to convert existing structures into accommodations for athletes, ensuring sustainability and reducing costs.
  7. Digital Innovations: Paris 2024 aims to leverage the latest digital technologies to enhance the spectator experience, both for those attending in person and those watching remotely.
  8. Cultural Celebrations: Paris, known for its rich cultural heritage, plans to integrate arts and culture into the Olympic experience, offering a blend of sports and culture.
  9. Inclusive Games: Paris 2024 is committed to ensuring inclusivity, with a focus on gender equality in events and a strong emphasis on the Paralympic Games.
  10. Legacy Focus: The Paris organizers are keen on leaving a lasting legacy, with infrastructure projects that benefit the local community long after the Games are over.






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