5 Occasions When French Singers Forgot Their Lyrics

  1. Patrick Bruel: During a concert in 2014, Patrick Bruel forgot the lyrics to his song “Casser la voix.” The audience cheered him on and helped him pick up where he left off.
  2. Vanessa Paradis: In 2013, during the “Victoires de la Musique” ceremony, Vanessa Paradis had a momentary lapse while singing “Love Song.” She smiled and continued with the performance.
  3. Françoise Hardy: The iconic French singer had a moment during a live TV performance in the 1960s where she forgot the lyrics to one of her songs. She gracefully laughed it off and continued.
  4. Julien Doré: In 2017, during a live radio performance on France Inter, Julien Doré momentarily forgot the lyrics to his song “Porto-Vecchio.” He made light of the situation and continued singing.
  5. Eddy Mitchell: The veteran French singer, during one of his concerts in the 2000s, had a lapse in memory with the lyrics. He joked about it with the audience and carried on with the show.






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