6 People who had embarrassing moments on French TV

Television, by its very nature, is ripe for unscripted moments that can become iconic, hilarious, or, in some cases, downright embarrassing. French TV, like all others, has had its fair share of such moments. Here are six individuals who’ve had notable embarrassing moments on French television:

  1. Sophie Davant: A well-respected television presenter, Davant had a moment where she tripped over a step on the set of “C’est au programme” on France 2. She handled it with grace, but it remains a memorable on-air mishap.
  2. Samuel Étienne: The journalist, during an episode of “Questions pour un champion” on France 3, faced technical glitches and even accidentally knocked over a glass of water. He acknowledged the errors humorously on Twitter afterward.
  3. Jean-Pierre Pernaut: The long-serving news presenter of TF1 had various small on-air blunders over the years, given his lengthy tenure. From mispronouncing words to small technical issues, Pernaut always tackled them with a smile.
  4. Alain Chabat: During his tenure on “Burger Quiz”, Chabat, both a host and actor, has had numerous comedic and sometimes embarrassing moments, often played up for humor. It’s sometimes hard to discern if these moments are genuine mishaps or just part of the show’s comedic style.
  5. Enora Malagré: A former columnist for “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” (TPMP) on C8, Malagré has had her fair share of TV gaffes, from accidental slips of the tongue to moments that sparked controversies.
  6. Patrice Laffont: Known for hosting “Fort Boyard”, Laffont once accidentally fell into the water during a broadcast, much to the amusement of viewers and his fellow presenters.






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