6 French People who have appeared on the Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show, a British comedy chat show, has hosted numerous guests, including several from France. Here are some French personalities who have appeared on the show:

  1. Marion Cotillard: The Academy Award-winning actress has appeared on the show multiple times, discussing her roles in films such as “La La Land” and “Macbeth.”
  2. Omar Sy: Known for his roles in “The Intouchables” and “Lupin,” Sy has graced Norton’s couch.
  3. Isabelle Huppert: The critically acclaimed actress visited the show to talk about her roles, including her performance in “Elle,” for which she received significant attention.
  4. Audrey Tautou: Known internationally for her role in “Amélie,” Tautou has been a guest on the show.
  5. Gérard Depardieu: One of France’s most prolific and famous actors, Depardieu has appeared on the program to discuss his long and varied career.
  6. Jean Paul Gaultier: The iconic fashion designer and occasional television presenter has been on the show, bringing his unique flair and style.






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